Hatha yoga

Helps to purify and restore the body

Hatha yoga is a type of yoga that involves the individual asanas (positions), pranayama (techniques for controlling the breath) and meditation (calming our minds).
During my lessons we will follow the series "Similiris" created by Prof. Dr. Predrag Nikich (European Yoga Federation). All movements and positions of the body are performed within the pleasantness of each of the practicioners, thus guaranteeing maximum involvement of the whole body without the risk of injury.
Program "The Similiris" is designed to be run by anyone, regardless of gender or age. Adults, children, young and old are welcome to practice.
The practice of hatha yoga "Similiris" generally improves mental and physical health. It balances all functions of the body, improves metabolism, strengthens concentration and promotes proper posture.
The goal of my hatha yoga classes is to go home relaxed and full of energy :-)